Full Buck Moon 2021

May be an image of nature and sky

The Full Buck Moon, also known as Thunder Moon, will be a sight to behold tomorrow night (7/23/21) in our neck of the woods in Western New York since we’re expecting a perfectly clear day and evening! It will take on a reddish hue due to the environmental effects of the fires out west which have also been giving our sunsets some interesting and unusual visual effects as well.

Put your stones, crystals and Malas out by the light of the moon to clear and restore their energies, and get yourself out there to do the same for your own energetic clearing and restoration! Go barefoot for additional grounding effects which have profound healing benefits. Take some deep, restorative breaths and let yourself absorb all of the healing energies provided by the moon, the earth, the air, and the universe itself. You are a piece of our great universe and are worthy of everything it has to offer.

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